Consuming the Creativity

Consuming media, books, goods, and essays devoured me last year.     Drowning and wading through news stories. Reading book after book after book.   Binge watching seasons of Gilmore Girls and Thirty Rock. Scrolling through Pinterest and Facebook for hours. Buying needless seasonal and nonseasonal junk from Walmart. Grading and grading and grading. At day’s … Continue reading Consuming the Creativity

Questions, Prompts, Responses, and Answers

Essay questions aren’t questions. Teachers and parents, have you noticed?     Written in the imperative instead of the interrogative. Demanding that “your student” compare/contrast, describe, or analyze texts instead of asking.   For example: In an extended constructed response, analyze how the author of “The Scarlet Ibis” created the protagonist’s voice through diction, imagery, and … Continue reading Questions, Prompts, Responses, and Answers

Asleep Please

Please shares the same letters as asleep. English language happenstance?  As if.     For decades, bedraggled parents, chronic pain sufferers, and distraught teachers have recognized the desperation created by arranging the two anagrammed words in the same sentence.   Please be asleep, Little Thing. Please let me fall asleep, Stabbing Vibration Terrorizing My Left Armpit. … Continue reading Asleep Please