A Poem: Teaching While Sick Haiku

I am only posting because I’ve committed to writing a post weekly. Be prepared to be less than underwhelmed.

(Disclaimer–These are not true to form haiku and run together to form one mildly incoherent poem.)

I’ve taught class all week
with an annoying fever
and ear infection.

Why teach while I’m sick?
Because if I don’t show the
kids are lunatics.

I try to save days
for scheduled doc visits
and personal leave.

I save my sick days
because I’m a mother and
my kid gets ill, too.

Teaching while febrile,
delirious, and loopy
makes students nervous.

I love an excuse
to force students to question
my stability . . .

(and ‘cause messing with
them while I’m sick makes me feel
a tad bit better.)


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