My One Year Blogiversary

Happy one year blogiversary to me!

What a fun journey it’s been! Blogging has satisfied my creativity, challenged my writing comfort zone, and opened my eyes to great blogs across the web.

Gaining followers, getting likes, and breaking view records are welcomed pluses, but never my intent with posts. Unlike some bloggers, I’ve forgone a targeted, one topic platform and refuse sticking to a single writing format. I don’t promote my site aside from sharing my posts to friends on Facebook, Twitter, and, when I remember to, on Instagram.

Despite this, my blog has been viewed over 7,600 times, and almost 4,500 different people have viewed it.  

I’d call that a win for blogging on a whim.  

I set a goal of posting weekly all year, and I have. Because I’m a colossal procrastinator, my posts’ caliber takes a hit thanks to my self-imposed Saturday deadline. My poetry suffers the most from ignored meticulous revision time. The diction choices in a few of my poems haunt me. For example in regards my poem  “Humdrum Humdrum White Noise,” one line reads “and help put the human back into humanity” when in hindsight “and hum the human back into humanity” sounds more melodic.

And, I NEVER know which posts will gain more clicks than others. My most viewed post is “My New Normal: Meniere’s Disease” (524 views), but other chronic illness posts tanked in comparison. “A Mrs. Ram’s Jams Tale: Death of a Pair of Skinny Jeans (483 views) comes in as the second most viewed post. My self-deprecating posts perform well, so this one isn’t too surprising. “Thirty Seven More to Go” (316 views and my debut post) rounds out my top three viewed posts—mainly because it was first. None of the three are similar in subject and don’t make my top ten favorites.  

Appearing in chronological order, my ten favorite are:

It comes as no shock it’s half Little Thing stories and half poetry, or that the poetry is the least viewed of the two.   

In fact, my poetry is consistently the least viewed, but my favorite to write.

Go figure.

Thanks for reading, rousing Facebook discussions, and positive feedback. It’s what keeps me writing.  



8 thoughts on “My One Year Blogiversary

  1. Huuuuuge congrats and happy Bloggerversary! I’ve never paid attention to what posts of mine have had the most views or likes or comments, but I’m curious now so I might check that out. In terms of yours, I wouldn’t be disheartened that your poetry has had the least views; keep writing what you what and what you feel, do what suits you, and keep being awesome! Happy Blogging! 🙂
    Caz xx

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