Poetry: Embarrassing Poems Mrs. Ram Jam Wrote in Middle School and High School.

Like many teachers on summer vacation, I’m in the middle of deep cleaning my house and purging accumulated household clutter.

Yesterday, I came across a red folder that my mom had sent me awhile ago.  In it, I found some of my EARLY poetry.  My best guess is it’s from middle school based off grammatical/mechanical/capitalization errors, ridiculous penmanship techniques, and the yellowed tinted loose leaf.

Because I feel like embarrassing myself this week, please take a gander.


Who the hell was I writing this poem about?  Why did I think it was cool to make circles above my i’s? Did I think that dreams and stars flew back then?


What’s a “cleary”?  And if I was trying to make cleary happen, I should have at least capitalized it.  Jeeze, middle school Mrs. Ram Jam, you should know the difference between your and you’re.  Why are there c’s beneath every y and g?  Those lower case e’s look like backward threes.  Ugh.  My mother never let me stay out all night with a boy whilst in middle school.  What the hell.

P.S.  Why am I obsessed with Orion?


Now, I’d peg these two as from high school (Check out the evolution of my scribing skills, y’all!), and they’re not gag inducing mushy gushy, so that’s a plus.

Whew, I’m glad that’s over with.

I know that I wrote some delightful poems growing up (THESE ARE NOT THEM; I PROMISE.  I CAN SENSE YOUR JUDGEMENT, DAMMIT). When I go visit my mom in a few weeks, I’m totally going to hunt the awesome ones down and put them on blast for personal vindication.




2 thoughts on “Poetry: Embarrassing Poems Mrs. Ram Jam Wrote in Middle School and High School.

  1. Aw I love finding old things like this out! You’re not alone with your handwriting because I remember a LOT of girls at my school doing the circle over the ‘i’ and that arc instead of a downward curve under the ‘g’ or ‘j’. Looking forward to seeing what else you can dig out from your younger years! 🙂

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