A Poem: The Alarmish Schoolmarmish

nevermind the alarmish schoolmarmish
her heresy is harmless
mind the armchair activists, firearms alarmists, and smarmy political varmints instead
the alarmish schoolmarmish is nothing more than an over-glorified farmwife or barmaid
she’s harmless
watch the self-proclaimed prince charmings stand atop of the armories
and shout out the disharmonious decree
this land isn’t free
unless the alarmish schoolmarmish bear arms
so the children come to no harm
we’ll be benchwarmers and eat lukewarm chicken shawarma and scratch our armpits
while the alarmish schoolmarmish
wear armored garments and we fantasize about them in their undergarments
while we warmonger a little longer
until the alarmish schoolmarmish grow stronger
until our kharma’s been earmarked
until our hallmark’s been pockmarked
by the alarmish schoolmarmish heralding armistice


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