Liebster Award 2018

Hey y’all! I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award. To be nominated for this award, another blogger has to nominate you. It boosts traffic to personal blogs and gives the little guy, like me, more exposure to a wider audience.   In order to accept the award, I have to thank the person who nominated … Continue reading Liebster Award 2018


A Little Thing Tale: Language Loopholes

I’ve never fully pegged how Little Thing processes language and puts words together, but it’s definitely Little Thing particular. Often her adages render me into hysterical laughter, head-scratching, or wonderment. For example, she could verbally and correctly name green, blue, and red before she ever said mama.   She also said “port-a-potty” and “teletubby” before … Continue reading A Little Thing Tale: Language Loopholes

Mrs. Ram’s Jams New Year’s Resolutions

Because my birthday falls on January seventh, my New Year’s resolutions never appear prior to January’s second full week. I’m a firm believer of birthday indulgences. I refuse to let my birthday get in the way of resolutions; therefore, I wait to avoid failure. Because intentional failure is stupid. But unexpected failure happens all the … Continue reading Mrs. Ram’s Jams New Year’s Resolutions