Seven More to Go

Can anybody help a girl out?  

I’m in a bit of a reading slump, but I’m so close to the end.  

I’ve read 93 books so far this year towards my 100 book goal, but last month I only read seven when I’ve been more in the ten to twelve range.

Here they are:  

  • Life After Life–Kate Atkinson
  • Perfect–Sara Shepard
  • Unbelievable–Sara Shepard
  • Rich People Problems–Kevin Kwan
  • Into the Water–Paula Hawkins
  • The Muse–Jessie Burton
  • The Girls in the Garden–Lisa Jewell

I also quit four books last month, which ruined my progress:

  • Oxygen–Carol Cassella
  • The Bees–Laline Paull
  • Ancillary Justice–Ann Leckie
  • Swamplandia!–Karen Russell

Here’s why.

The first is hyper-detailed about an anesthesiologist. This teacher found the medical jargon overwhelming. I gave up after the second chapter.  

The second is similar to Margaret Atwood’s A Handmaid’s Tale, but the characters are bees. If I never see the words drone or proboscis again, I’ll be happy for eternity. The prose is gorgeous, but I suffered anaphylactic shock from being subjected to the inside of a hive for so long. I quit after 200 pages. Sigh.  

I couldn’t figure out what was happening in Ancillary Justice in the first chapter.  I know it won the Hugo and Nebula, but my scrambled book brain couldn’t stomach science fiction last month.  

Karen Russell is a true literary MASTER, but I just couldn’t hang with Swamplandia!, which was a finalist for the Pulitzer . I’m not in the right frame of mind right now. I know I’ll pick it up again later in life and adore it.  

October isn’t looking too hot currently either (But goodness, it sure is HOT here in Louisiana this October, and Hurricane Nate is swiftly making his way towards us as well).  

I’ve got a book under my belt and another that’s taking too long to read.  

It’s called The Devil in the White City.  It’s a nonfiction book about the 1893 world’s fair in Chicago and the serial killer H.H. Holmes. It is fascinating, but it’s thick and twisty, laden with historical fact. I’m plugging away at a slow pace, but I’m not happy with my progress. I’ll finish, and it’s oh so good, but . . .


Again, can anyone help a girl out?  

I could easy peasy lemon squeezy just read the rest of The Pretty Little Liars series and hit my goal by the end of the month, but that feels like cheating.  

What’s the best thing you’ve ever read? Or if that’s too hard of a question to answer, what’s the best thing you’ve read recently–that had you hook, line, and sinker from the get go?  

Let’s leave nonfiction out of it. Only fiction recommendations, please.  

I want to end this challenge loving everything I read that gets me to the finish line.  


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