Poetry: Conciseness is a Lost Art Form

Another poem for a post. Conciseness is a lost art form.   Are we just asking them to perform? Whether it’s spoken or transcribed,   ranting and rambling in a diatribe. Gone are the days of the one sentence answer.   Causing that answer to spread like a cancer: prove it, support it with evidence, … Continue reading Poetry: Conciseness is a Lost Art Form


My New Normal: Meniere’s Disease

Even though Chronic Pain Awareness Month is over, this week I officially received a new chronic disease diagnosis:  Meniere’s disease. I’m aware-ing ya’ll again of another chronic disease and of my new normal. Hopefully, this post will prove cathartic in nature. The Mayo Clinic defines Meniere’s disease as “a disorder of the inner ear that … Continue reading My New Normal: Meniere’s Disease