Rear-View Mirror Time Machine

I love to look at Little Thing all the time, but looking at her in the rear-view while running the roads (aka rodayin’ to the Cajuns) leaves me breathless.   It’s dead-on distracted driving and borderline reckless endangerment, but the sight of her reflection while on the road surprises me. Every. Damn. Time. She looks … Continue reading Rear-View Mirror Time Machine


Questions, Prompts, Responses, and Answers

Essay questions aren’t questions. Teachers and parents, have you noticed?     Written in the imperative instead of the interrogative. Demanding that “your student” compare/contrast, describe, or analyze texts instead of asking.   For example: In an extended constructed response, analyze how the author of “The Scarlet Ibis” created the protagonist’s voice through diction, imagery, and … Continue reading Questions, Prompts, Responses, and Answers